Academic and professional

2022- Professor at Shandong Normal University in Jinan, China

2020 - Researcher at University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus at TU Dresden, Germany

1999- Professor of General Psychology at Leiden University, the Netherlands

1997‐1999 Chair of Working Group Executive Functions at the Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Munich, Germany

1997 Habilitation at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

1990‐1999 Senior Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Munich, Germany

1990 Promotion Bielefeld University, Germany

1987 ‐ 1990 Assistant Professor at Bielefeld University, Germany

1987 Diploma in Psychology, Bielefeld University, Germany

1980-1987 Studies in Psychologie and Literature sciences at Bielefeld University

Editorial Activities


Editor-in-Chief: Psychological Research

Editor-in-Chief: Frontiers in Cognition (founding editor)

Consulting Editor: Perception & Psychophysics; Psychological Science; Visual Cognition; Motivation Science


Section Editor: Acta Psychologica

Section Editor: Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (A)

Section Editor: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance


2018-2020 President of the European Society for Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience

2017-2024 Initiator and Scientific Director of the Priority Program “The Active Self” of the German DFG

2017- Senator National Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina)

2007-2015 Co-initiator and director of the Leiden Center for Brain and Cognition (LIBC)

2006- Secretary of the International Association for the Study of Attention and Performance

2003-2010 Treasurer of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology

2000-2016 Chair of the Cognitive Psychology Unit, Leiden University, the Netherlands

1997-2007 Initiator and Speaker of the Priority Program “Executive Functions” of the German DFG

1995-1997 Member of the Founding Committee of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

1993-1997 Member of the Scientific Council of the Max Planck Society

1988-1990 Speaker of staff, Psychology Unit, Bielefeld University